Companion: share your fur-babies and snuggle buddies

This page is for sharing pictures and stories about your fur-babies or companions.

Most of us know that pets, in many species, are important to us and our mental health. They reduce stress, help easy anxiety and depression, isolation, and become our best friends and a massive part to our family.

Pets boost our self-esteem and get us socialising even if we aren’t feeling up to it. They are also amazing service animals, detecting many health issues, mentally, emotionally, and physically, often before we recognise it ourselves. Animals don’t care what we look like or if we’re feeling silent or unregulated; they just want to return the love you show them. Their eyes say more than any words can express.

If you have a service animal to assist your life quality, you may like to share why, or just describe your pet’s personality and provide fun facts and photo updates of your loved fur friends.

I have a companion service dog. Her name is Pixie, and she is three years of age. She is currently in training and has a card and vest which, when you see her, may cause you to giggle because the vest is bigger than her. Who helps who? I like to think Pixie and I work together to comfort one another. She is tiny. She was being cared for at the Royal Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) and I called every week until she was ready for adoption. We clicked instantly. From when we first arrived home, Pixie quite literally never leaves my side. I have a little joey pouch that she snuggles in and gets carried around me. She is a snuggle bug and my world.

Pixie is a miniature foxy x Chihuahua (though looks completely teacup Chihuahua). She has a beautiful personality; she knows when I am sad and will come straight to me and sit on my belly or chest. I always end up giving her belly rubs and calm down. I think she thinks this is what calms me, that her belly rubs make me feel better, and I am okay with her thinking this, because it actually works.

Pixie picks up on my emotional cues, sadness, anger, or dissociation well before I do, with just a tiny paw to bring me back to reality. She follows me everywhere and, off lead, she is amazing at recalls. But like her mummy (me) she is a picky eater. I mention this because I worry about her weight-loss and my concern inspires me to cook for her, to provide her with the right amount of nutrients, and this process reminds me that I can eat nourishing food, too.

Pixie and I help one another; she is my baby. I can’t wait to meet all sorts of animals here. I look forward to seeing your photos and read your stories about your pets. You’ll get plenty of stories from me, as I also have Bjorn a Labrador, and Loki which is the same breed as Pixie however, he is more Jack Russell than anything. I have a cat named Piglet and a bird named Crystal. In time I’ll share all their quirks with you.

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