Let’s talk about hobbies

This is where you can share your creativity with the community. While not a space for self-promotion, this is a place to share your creative side.

Perhaps you like poetry writing, or perhaps writing isn’t for you, but maybe you prefer knitting, painting, drawing, quilling, or another craft. Your hobby is something you enjoy, and this is a place where you can share your enjoyment with others.

After a traumatic experience, I lost touch with my identity and my creativity seemed to disappear. However, over the years I have slowly reconnected with myself and have welcomed back what I once enjoyed.

Some things may have changed and so has my style and my preferences, but change is great, and I have embraced it. Even when I didn’t think my creative works were any good, or thoughts of negativity were pounding my fledgling confidence, I had fun. I flicked paint everywhere and laughed a lot. Making a mess that was worth the clean up!

I found a part of myself the day I picked up a brush, my camera, a pencil, and opened my laptop to write. This created the best positive ripple effect in my life!

I love to do arts and craft, sewing, taking photographs, making things with resin, and drawing on my iPad.

I welcome you to join me in sharing your creative ideas and your art with this community. I want this space to be fun and judgment free. Everyone is unique and so is your art. Share your hobbies here, and we can all help each other to build confidence.

I am no artist, but I love creating art; it’s personal and expressive. Many forms of therapy offer art as a tool for expression. It can even be gardening, collections you may have and wish to share when you add something new. Share your hobbies that assist your self-care and make you smile — that’s what is important here at Living with Autism and Anorexia. One more thing, have fun!

Relax and breathe. I can’t wait to see your hobbies, crafts and much more.

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