The beauty of photography through my lens, to your screen. I dedicate this page to my fiance, J, for his ongoing support and effortless love for me.

While writing is my main creative passion, I have always enjoyed photography. I believe photography tells a story of its own, one you may interpret in any way you see; there is no right or wrong way in the creative world.

My first camera led me to discover a new story and perspective on the world around me. I saw much through its lens that I could never share with a soul. Though replaceable and materialistic, that camera was sentimental to me, but like many things in life that can get left behind, my Canon was left behind, too. Due to a traumatic experience, I lost my creativity and identity for more than eight years.

I had to regain my lost identity, which had shattered through the darkest and most secretive parts of an abusive relationship that I was once living.

I then met my best friend and life partner, and now my fiancé, J, whom I have been with for six years; he has watched me at my worst and absolute worst. His loyalty, love and sacrifices to ensure my well-being have shown me hope in this life.

J has re-opened my eyes to the beautiful world of photography. It wasn’t the fact that the gift was materialistic; it was a piece of my identity that he handed me.

My lens is now clear, and my hands are now steady. I want to show you my world, not only through writing but also through a visual representation.

– Sarah Kathleen